A robot companion for young children.

ixi-Play is an engaging robot buddy offering young kids playful interaction in the form of tangible games. This addresses the need of numerous parents to make their children responsibly occupy themselves and simultaneously sufficiently support these children to become the best they can be.

ixi-Play acts as a peer for children to play different challenging games with in an active and adaptive manner. Games which can be thought of are card games, games with blocks, dancing to music and much more without the constant need for attention from a parent or supervisor.

Upgradablity & Apps

As children are in constant need of stimuli, they get easily bored. To remain challenging and engaging over time, ixi-Play offers an interactive platform allowing for new apps to be downloaded and installed locally. Possible applications:




Music player / teacher


Child / baby monitoring


Photo / video camera

Language Learning

Language learning


Sharing (photos and videos)


Time keeper / learning time






Book reading


Smart webcam / security cam


Counting / Math

Technical Specs

ixi-Play has a rich set of sensors and expression capabilities to support the playful interaction. Please find the preliminary specifications below.

Children having fun

Emotional expressions

With its lifelike body movement and posture, animated eyes and sounds, ixi-Play is very well suited to express its emotions during game play. Children recognize and enjoy this interaction, making ixi-Play feel like a real buddy for playful interaction.

Emotions Emotions Emotions

Motion Platform

While developing ixi-Play we have acknowledged that there was no robust, agile, silent yet affordable motion platform available in the market. That is why we have developed our own, patent pending, 6 degree of freedom motion module. With this module we can bring many characters to life, but it may also be used in other applications e.g. camera stabilization, pick and place, etc.